If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower

years ago, i was an angry young man
and i’d pretend that i was a
standing tall by the side of the road
– i fell in love with a beautiful highway

David Byrne once listed the things he appreciated in art:

1. Lots of work put into it
2. Bright colours
3. Straight lines
4. Brush strokes
5. Words, letters, and numbers
6. Things that make me laugh
7. Things that remind me of pleasant experiences
8. Common things put together in a new way


9. Something I haven’t seen before
10. Glimpses of the artist’s personality
11. A good reason for the existence of each part
12. Symmetry
13. Things done in a formal manner
14. Things done to a personal scale
15. The interpretation left up to the viewer
16. Things that can be taken for their face value


17. Things that the Bourgeois would not like
18. Something that improves with continued viewing
19. Things that relate to the collective subconcious
20. Things that play little tricks on the senses
21. Gadgets and gimmicks
22. Elegant shapes
23. A fantasy world
24. A skillful use of the medium


LISTEN: Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers

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  1. steve

    i just bought the new single from The Used and its SICK! its called “blood on my hands” and if you havent heard it yet you need to go to theused.net RIGHT NOW and listen….ive seriously had it on repeat all morning lol