if you lived here…


I don’t know anything at all about music, but often Radiohead make music that makes something close to my stomach squirm and twist, like an odd vertigo. It’s the beauty of abandoned factories, of lines of pylons marching to the horizon. It makes pictures in my head, movement and landscape, solitude and sadness, like watching someone you love leaving the house and wondering if today is the day that they’ll never come back.” [.stanley donwood interview.]


June 15, 2007 – July 14, 2007
Lazarides Gallery, London
Solo Art Exhibition

known for his album artwork created for radiohead, stanley donwood is very good at reclusively hiding from the rest of the world. starting this summer at london’s lazarides gallery, he will be sharing his second solo exhibition “if you lived here, you’d be home by now” including antique hand-pressed prints that emotionally share his discomfort with our society, war, politics and delusions of grandeur.