im going to die of loneliness…

the first time i fell in love with devendra banhart was while living in austin, texas.  the year of 2004. running from every place and everyone, it was so easy to breathe into his tone of music as his gypsy sounds captivated my existence. 

within devendra’s fifth release, smokey rolls down thunder canyon, he includes an eclectic assortment of genres blending folk, samba, reggae, doo-wop and motown into one entity. colorful and chaotic at times, the album overshadows as an overwhelming but engaging, listening experience.  thankfully, devendra’s quiet light appears literally at the end of tunnel, as the last song brightly shares a comforting and familiar depth inside of sadness, hope and sincerity. 

my dearest friend
you’ll soon begin
to love

artwork by edvard munch

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15 Responses

  1. r

    thank you so much for him… just one line and i was enamored. i immediately went out and bought the cd, it’s been spinning constantly.

  2. Red

    Ahhh Devendra… Ever since I’ve discovered him, I’ve been searching for other songwriters with similar qualities but have found none. Seeing him live was almost a surreal experience. I just discovered your blog here and I think I will have to keep reading.

  3. Ample Sanity

    […] is a good life. (cliptip) A magical pouch of dreams, melancholy and reveries, is Music is Art. My Dearest Friend . Well. Switch is a most peculiar little thing, i must say. Strangely, though, i quite like it. […]

  4. amy elizabeth

    hey darling. I remember being there when you fell in love with DB. It was a beautiful time of learning and enveloping so much music. I miss you so much!!!! I could have seen him yesterday but I’m poor. Please contact me!!!
    love you forever.

  5. angela

    i love that song so much. i have been listening to the new cd over and over again. his words and music have inspired my art and my work.
    thanks for sharing…

  6. skinnywhiteboy

    always good to read your blog. Mr banhart is playing at a church AT THE END OF MY ROAD on guy fawkes night. I have a ticket at I can’t wait…

  7. hr

    thank you for this beautiful song…so sad though…..I love the painting..the image you offer of opening to light, to love.

  8. Megan

    It’s a pleasure to see your posts! Such a beautiful page and the way it connects with Devendra. I agree.. My dearest friend… Best song on the album