im gonna get over you.

originally from australia, sia‘s prominent vocals with zero 7 truly left an unforgettable impression. she has created two solo albums both generously and cathartically sharing her own beautiful soft vulnerability. on her first album “healing is difficult”… in between the addition of hip hop beats and raw subdued mellow rhythms, you may simply notice the difference of feeling delirious and melancholy.

a few years ago, sia packed her bags and headed off on a round the world trip. after enjoying colourful times in some unusual places, she agreed to meet up in london with the man she described as her ‘first true love’. a week before she was to arrive, he was run down and killed by a black cab on kensington high street..

“nearly everything on the first album was about that.
i was pretty fucked up after dan died.
i couldn’t really feel anything.
i could intellectualise a lot of stuff;
that i had a purpose, that i was loved,
but i couldn’t actually feel anything.”

from healing is difficult [2000]