im nearly with you

at the end of the 80s, london-based producer duo sam hardaker and henry binns both opted to study sound engineering. one fell in love with soul, jazz and classical; and the other got hooked on hip hop. dreaming of new ideas, playing around and remixing radiohead’s climbing up the walls in their dorm room, came the idea to begin a new project.

the heart and soul of zero7 elegantly combines seamless harmony, relaxed down-tempo, acoustic guitar and synthesized instrumentals. the music’s abstract warmth is strengthened by primary vocalists who not only bring the familiar smooth dark undertones to another level but leave the listener in a pure atmosphere full of emotion and fantasy.

listen to: futures

in anticipation of the june 6th release of the garden, yr welcomed to listen to the wonderful solo albums of the singers of zero 7::


sophie barker.sophie co-wrote special tracks ‘destiny’, ‘in the waiting line’, ‘spinning’ with zero7. on may 30, 2006 her enchanting debut solo album earthbound will be released.

dont treat me like a fool
im more intelligent than you

do you wanna
let me into yr soul?

songs: just denying, wintertime

“music has always been a very big and mysterious part of my life. its definitely my way to feel alive. it feels like you can take the whole world and bring it into yr body.”


tina gave wonderful vocals on zero 7’s two tracks ‘home’ and ‘the space between’. her debut album in the red was originally released in denmark last year beating coldplay and u2 to the number one charts.

watch tina live on kcrw
songs: losing, give in


originally from australia, sia’s prominent vocals on zero7’s ‘destiny’, ‘distractions’ and ‘summersault’ truly left an unforgettable impression. she offers herself once again for their third release and has created two solo albums both generously and cathartically sharing her soft beautiful vulnerability.

living in yr head
without anything to numb you

songs: dont bring me down, numb watch these wonderful sia live videos: ….
bushwickisbeautiful sxsw 2006
kcrw january 10, 2006kcrw june 9, 2004

mozez. originally from jamaica, mozez grew up singing in churches. he sang and co-wrote the track ‘simple things’ and ‘this world’ on zero7’s first album. he has just released his debut solo album so still with support from nightmares on wax and zero7.

spring summer autumn winter
ill take the sun
the sunshine is out for me

songs: take the sun, beautiful day feat henry binns of zero7

jose gonzalez.

on zero 7’s third album, jose brightens his light in a new direction and shares his very own gypsy magic. he has created his own classic solo works and is currently collaborating on another project called junip.


remain, sensing owls

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  1. improperlydone

    This is the greatest post in any music community. I love Zero 7 and all of their talented singers. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    well i don’t love you, but i definitely like you, maybe enough to start a family sometime

  3. Candy Minx

    Wow how’s a soul to keep up with you. YOU ARE ON FIRE. thanks as usual I don’t never wanna get used to your blog. You continue to acknowledge that music and the ears are about emotions and the emotions and poetry are every bit as valid and important human tools as reason.

    love and listening,

  4. chaneen

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m taking everything I didn’t already have (which is pretty much everything except Sia). Oh, I can’t wait until June 6th!

  5. centric

    …I think I might actually have falled a little in love with you too, darlin’. I’m snagging… yeah, all of them, because I’ve loved what I’ve heard of all of them. The ones I haven’t heard, I’m taking on faith.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. minyaduriel

    Ohmygod, I LOVE YOU. 🙂

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for their new album. argh. yessss, mp3s!
    u know what I’m really looking forward to? the track “dreaming” with sia.

  7. mat

    This post is brilliant, and I thank you tremendously for sharing it.

  8. raesa

    You. Win. At. Life.

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all of these tracks! I’ve just recently gotten into zero 7, and this is AMAZING! Thanks again!!!