im not who you think i am

d i a n e c l u c k not too long ago, i started to progressively listen to the works of a woman by the name of diane cluck. something inside of me clung onto her words like i was being nurtured and touched by someone who knew part of my heart. to some, im sure that sounds strange, but when i listen to music… i wait for the feeling. i wait for everything inside of me to breakdown, fall apart and just let go. and thats how i experience absolutely every lil thing and person around me. this keeps me with a painfully open tender heart and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

the first time i experienced diane, it seemed so different, i wasn’t sure that i was ready. just her and the guitar or the piano and the way her voice carried her lyrics and overall repetition of pure words to tones of colored phrases mesmorized me. there were times i was able to comfortably place myself inside a room full of darkness, with just the light of a candle and simply, listen to this. so many emotions ran through me, it made me hurt and cry and smile and gasp for air again.

recently, i had the pleasure of seeing diane cluck live in nyc. when i go see a show, its always very special for me. i highly recommend for someone who has never experienced a concert all by themselves, to go for yrself and be all alone. have no one to worry about, how they feel, if they are enjoying it or not, let every lil thought be gone. when yr there, the music will be made for you and no one else.

in awe.. within the pink, red and blue lights of joes pub… and a perfect seat on those intimate velvet couches, just to be around other people who understood her music meant everything to me — ive never seen an audience so quiet, humble and respectful. as the show ended, we all kind of sat so still and fragile looking at one another like is this really it, is this the end? a girl to my left broke down in tears and i heard her gently whisper to a friend… i just feel so sad when i listen. i looked at her and smiled, told her i know.

you see, the way diane cluck presents herself is different and magical: she does not seek to promote or sell her music, her hope is that only a select few will somehow find her, listen and.. understand.

diane is currently in the process of moving herself to pennsylvania for some rest and relaxation after her UK summer tour. she just recently released the album *monarcana*, which you may order directly from very friendly records. if you love what you hear, please support. this woman deserves all that success and goodness has to offer.

below is the recorded tracks from her december 2004 appearance on WNYC’s spinning on air. all proper credits goes to the wonderful duke at the late greats for creating this for musicisart.

how long?

sylvania sandy reea phoenix & doves

the turnaround road just as i should bealways here

bones & born again

drawing by david scrima
photographs by luca etter

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  1. Anonymous

    Ooh, thank you for this! Diane Cluck is amazing. ~ a musicisart stalkertype person.