in the first row on a first floor power show.

ffpSweden have brought us many great things. Where would we be without our meatballs and Alfred Nobel? My student flat would be bare if it wasn’t for Ikea furniture. But best of all: Swedish music. Gone are the days of associating Swedish music with ABBA and other dodgy Eurovision-style tunes. I keep discovering new bands then discovering that they are Swedish. I’m really quite obsessed.

In particular, my love for Swedish pop music knows no bounds.
First Floor Power are no exception. They made music between 2000 and 2004, and vocalists Jenny Wilson and Karl Jonas Winqvist are currently pursuing side projects, but with talk of a new FFP album in the pipeline.

I find their music quite hard to define. Jenny’s vocals are terribly distinctive, and at times it’s heavily guitar-based but interspersed with bleeps that sound as if they have come directly from a 90’s console game. I think it’s probably best to just listen.

Time TimeScissors, Bag or a StoneA Mother is Missing

Always Having Fun in Front of the CamAll from There Is Hope (2001)

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