in yr head, all the colors…

i dont know what it is about commercials but somehow, someway the good music always appears.

tom mcrae is an amazing performer who has been playing the paradise lounge in boston twice a week for the past few years.

i can remember being 15 and getting introduced to his music. i wasn’t sure at first of what i had heard but knew he had a unique darkness underlining that striked me. last year, a car commercial appeared and i had to keep on pressing forward and rewind. “that sound, this is amazing. who is this?”

need to see
need to say
need to be
something beautiful

tom mcrae * overthrown

other commercials, good songs:

modest mouse ~ gravity rides everything
the walkmen ~ we’ve been had

and hey, anyone know that cingular commercial with the amazing cover by cat power in the background? its an old blondie song, originally by the nerves ~ hanging on the telephone. unfortunately, we’ve been told that there are no official plans to release the cat power full version. however, im going to have some hope that it eventually does.

3 Responses

  1. placidian

    I haven’t seen/heard the Cingular commercial, but there is a commercial for Chase that uses an Eddie Vedder aound-alike. I always wonder why he doesn’t sue, ala Tom Waits.

  2. louis

    Do you know where i can download the “a day like today” video, there isn’t the option to save it from their web site.

    Good taste in music, by the way…

  3. chris

    i really dig the styles you use on this site. makes it unique in the frickin blogosphuck