is that alright with you?

win! a 14″ x 14″ lithograph print of the cover of damien rice‘s new album, 9, which just came out this week. after you’ve finished sampling the album over at the warner brothers site, please share a mini-review of your thoughts to be chosen to own this lil piece of art!

listen to :: 9 crimes [its the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you]

.kcrw sessions live @ the late greats.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think Damien gave us a beautiful album in ‘O’ and we can thank him for that, the new album is a cash cow, that curdles in on itself and does NOT deliver.. breathing, emphatically is not artistic, sensitive or beautiful.

    I found more inspiring stuff on Myspace – like Lindsay d’arcy – just stunned me.

    Damien, I love you, really, but maybe you should go and busk again and get back to the beauty of feeling.


  2. *Sierrah*

    i was just wondering also, i heard it on the leno show and i appreciated her voice very much and i can’t seem to find that exact song on my musuc finder. what was is called and is it published with her singing along?

  3. Anonymous

    I am new to Damien Rice. In fact, I just heard of him the other night on Jay Leno where he sang “The Wrong Kind Of Place to Be Thinking Of You.” Who is the girl that sings the first half of the song with him??? WOW!!! What a voice!! My opinion: I wish she had sang the WHOLE song, her voice is truely amazing, and I don’t think she was truely given the credit due at the end of the song, because no one even said her name! She is what made me want to listen to his song.

  4. Anonymous

    9 is a much more mature album, and a bit of a departure from O. Noise, dissonance, crowded orchestration, and beautiful piano parts seem to inhabit the album wildly. Hope there isn’t a PA warning for Rootless Tree 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    did you know he says “is that alright with you?” now “is that alright for you?”
    just thought you should know, since it’s the title of your post.

  6. t.evamarie

    I have to confess, I’ve been having a tough time with Damien Rice. I loved the blower’s daughter and so I bought ‘o’. I haven’t completely listened to the whole thing yet, but it’s not for lack of trying. I find it a little slow. That being said, this album seems to be along the same lines. Many random gasps for air, and songs so slow I need to look at the display to make sure the music hasn’t stopped. All in all, it’s not my kind of music, but someone out there may love it. Who am I to say?

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve been having trouble writing a review for my blog (mostly because I love Damien Rice, but not so much his new CD), but if I can win stuff…

    After more than three years of waiting, fans may be disappointed to find “O” is still Damien Rice’s best and most ambitious work to date. It’s hard not to compate the two albums, with tracks like The Blower’s Daughter Pt. 2 (renamed Elephant) and the final track, “Sleep Don’t Weep,” which sounds like a less inspired version of “Cold Water.” His new album isn’t without its bright spots: “9 Crimes,” “Elephant” and “Grey Room” revel in his signature sorrowful beauty. “Elephant” in particular highlights his passionate lyrics and often raw vocals. Rice breaks away from that formula, getting mixed results with the more upbeat “Dogs” and “Coconut Skins.” While the sound is a nice surprise, we’ve come to expect more from Rice lyrically than “The girl that does Yoga, When we come over.” This is a CD fans will grow to love, but may not do much to expand his presence on the music scene.

  8. waterlj

    I think the new Damien Rice album, 9, is absolutely amazing. I have a bit of a biased opinion, however, because I am a huge Damien Rice fan. The songs on this album are, for the most part, so achingly pretty. The first song 9 Crimes is so simply full of emotion. It’s also nice to have a studio version of this song, as well as Rootless Tree and Elephant, which was formerly The Blower’s Daughter Pt. 2. Even seemingly random songs, such as Me, My Yoke and I, which he has said has undertones of male masturbation, have depth. I also like how the piano is featured in both 9 Crimes and Accidental Babies. At this point, there isn’t really a song on this album I dislike. It is still new to me, though. Overall, I really like 9. Damien Rice displays the emotion and depth, which I feel are lacking from so many male singer/song-writers today.
    (I can’t wait to see him in support of this album in just a few weeks!)

  9. Arnulf

    actually, I think the album isn’t so bad: he tends not to ruin his songwriting so much with overproduction (like before). or at least he waits until two thirds of the song is over before said overproduction kicks off. he still does that annoyingly self-conscious “here me inhale”-thing, which I dislike. but otherwise: I’ll give the album some more time to sink in…

  10. Duke of Straw

    I’ll paraphrase myself:
    “Damien Rice has released either the best album of 2006 or the most pretentious, cocksure, breath-gasping, layered, dynamically swelling, lyrically obscure, mostly acoustic album, drenched with infidelity in 2006.”
    The Duke
    Thanks for the shout out, by the way.