it must be my heart you are after.


Everything 25 year old British-Japanese Producer/DJ Maya Jane Coles releases has a sultry and hypnotic feel to her music. Last summer, Maya Jane Coles shared her debut full length album Comfort featuring a combination of deep house and trip hop mixed together with an array of vocal collaborations. One of the highlights includes the hauntingly seductive “Everything” featuring the Swedish dark vocals of Karin Park. Enjoy lyrics and sounds below:


sometimes i don’t know
whether to laugh or simply kill myself
but i don’t care what they say
there’s no mess that can’t be danced away

“i imagine my lungs breathing in as a pair of wings. there’s a crow in my chest crying out through my broken ribs. it’s so warm on your forehead, the sweat makes my lipstick melt. the deep smell of you dangerously matches the perfume inside of me. it must be my heart you are after. it must be my lungs you are breathing from. we are not the winners, nor the losers. oh baby, we are the fight. you’re everything i always longed for, everything i always wanted. everything, everything, everything, everything.”

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