its better to burn out…

come april, suddenly two things are remembered:
the blossoming of spring and death of
kurt cobain

on february 20, 2007, kurt cobain would have turned 40 years old. an artist in every way possible, he was apart of the birth of an alternative generation that provided a path for music today.

full of love, apathy, drugs, sex and rock n’roll, kurt never seemed to truly feel proud of himself. in 1992 during the height of his music career, he moved himself from seattle to downtown los angeles to lock himself up in a room, indulge in heroin, put away his guitar and pick up a paintbrush. as a boy he always loved drawing and was known to teachers as someone who had amazing artistic potential. using a mixture of acrylics, oils and at times, his own cigarette ashes, blood and semen, kurt retreated to the visual art medium as a way to cope with his own personal demons. sharing work with only very close friends, he mentioned that he often wished he could quit nirvana to open up his own art gallery.

as the rush of touring increased, he had to give up his love of painting. over the next two years, kurt’s mentality cascaded into his own worst enemy and within each destructive month that stumbled before his 27th birthday, he truly lost himself. on april 8, 1994, kurt’s body was found and days after his ashes were scattered under magnolia trees inside the state of washington. thirteen years later, as a sad controversy continues to linger over his death, what still remains important is how influential kurt was musicially, artistically …and always will be.

the off ramp cafe
seattle, washington
live // november 25, 1990

during this time, its quite special to listen to the music of nirvana, but in a sense, its very hard to deny how sad this loss makes many of us still feel. this recording is one of their more rare live performances including one of the best setlists and an epic encore sharing a playfulness and vulnerability that was beyond captivating.

oh, the guilt
mr. moustache
pay to play
floyd the barber
about a girl
verse chorus verse
in bloom
swap meet
been a son
here she comes now
dive [aborted]
outside banter
something in the way
negative creep
love buzz
where did you sleep
spank thru
molly’s lips
son of a gun
r.f.u.s [clip]

artwork by
kurt cobain

7 Responses

  1. KOKOMO (webradio)

    “My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)”

    My my, hey hey
    Rock and roll is here to stay
    It’s better to burn out
    Than to fade away
    My my, hey hey.

    Out of the blue
    and into the black
    They give you this,
    but you pay for that
    And once you’re gone,
    you can never come back
    When you’re out of the blue
    and into the black.

    The king is gone
    but he’s not forgotten
    This is the story
    of a Johnny Rotten
    It’s better to burn out
    than it is to rust
    The king is gone
    but he’s not forgotten.

    Hey hey, my my
    Rock and roll can never die
    There’s more to the picture
    Than meets the eye.
    Hey hey, my my.

  2. music is art

    thankyou anon 🙂 a lil nitpicking is good every now and then! glad you enjoyed seeing his visual art..

  3. Anonymous

    This is just me nitpicking, but I believe his body was actually found on the 8th and the 5th is the day that it’s believed he actually died.

    Thank you for this, though. It’s amazing to see some of the stuff he had as far as visual art goes.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for this. The link to “Stay Away” isn’t working properly.