its strange you never knew..

rainy days. sundays going into mondays. and all i really wanna do is crawl back into bed and listen to my headphones stopping for comfortable silences occasionally just in time to hear those raindrops so easily lull me off to sleep. for right now, this is all i need.

mazzy star truly is a special favorite.
i distinctly remember the first time i heard “fade into you”. it was the summer of turning 12 years old, my parents had just finalized their divorce and it was so hard to feel anything but… numb. there was this rush of pink, purple and red from a sunset, the peacefulness of lying down in an amazing soft ivory leather recliner, warm cool breezes coming slowly from outside, the radio was lightly on in the background and through the speakers a steady flow of circling guitars surrounded the quietness of hope sandoval’s dreamy voice creating pure magic. comfortably content, i closed my eyes and was completely hypnotized. every part of me fell in love with the music, holding onto the sound, the visions, the fantasy took me away from my actual existence. ive been lost in this trance ever since.

theres a world
outside my doorstep
flames over everyone’s heart
dont you see them shining
i want to hear them
beating for me

mazzy star
live @ the metro
chicago 1994

6 Responses

  1. quackking

    This is excellent. Thanks for putting this up. I almost went to the show at Union Chapel in London but couldn’t quite get there. Mazzy! Where are you now that we need you?

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this concert.
    I was fortunate enought to have seen Mazzy Star three time in concert, before this set. They were phenomenal in concert.