ive been waiting for this silence.

seasons always shift too late
spent too much time now on paths sideways
everything that is connected and beautiful
and now i know just where i stand
thank god it’s over….

based in los angeles, silversun pickups are a lil known secret. inside a collective agreement, this quartet proved last year they had something special to offer. sharing a debut ep, pikul, followed by the major full length release, carnavas, their familiar sound immersed itself in raspy harmonics of high-low density male/female vocals that vividly connected and released through straightforward lyrics, melodic bass lines, intense drumming and distorted guitars. making music and captivating performances at small clubs, silversun pickups never believed life would take them this far [currently on tour, mtv2 and featured at coachella 2007]. all that mattered was that they enjoyed being surrounded by one another and loved their music and art.

l i s t e n.

kissing families
[pikul ep 2005]

lazy eye
little lover’s
so polite

[carnavas 2006]

artwork by darren waterston
[featured on silversun pickups album *carnavas*]

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    This is a really smart and interesting blog. I like the way you combined art and music in one blog. I also like the variety of songs you had listed and also the artwork you posted. I found what you had to say about the music very interesting.

  2. music is art

    hey roland… definitely, nothing like an intimate venue to see them.

    dan… carnavas is great! nothing ground breaking… same thing with TPC, but it sure is a nice sign of whats to come… good music.

  3. Dan Sadler

    Just got Carnavas the other day, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since!

    I wish SP would come tour over here in the UK, I would see them in a hear beat.

    TPC are good too though, only have heard a few of their songs.

  4. Roland

    Carnavas has been a frequent listen over the last few months; it’s fantastic. It’s nice to see them getting big tour slots (MSG!), but I can’t wait for them to headline another tour.

  5. doctashock

    After thinking about it I do hear how people are making the comparison, but upon initial listen I thought their well though out twinkles were more reminiscent of SY (another band that I will be at Coachella and is creeping into the double digits as far as number of shows I’ve attended) 😉

  6. music is art

    thankyou doctashock for leaving such a lovely comment 🙂

    it felt like one of those days for a lil silversun pickups..

    have fun at coachella and good for you for having a whole different perspective on the LA scene. i believe im the same in a way, as id rather get lost in my own lil world.

    funny how SP keeps on getting that same referral to the other SP. do you hear the similarity?

  7. doctashock

    I was just listening to both of those albums today. I did a post on them a while back on my blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve come to MIA to read something uncannily apropos to thoughts I was already having around the same time.

    I can’t wait to see them at Coachella. I expect them to be one of the big sleeper performances personally, but I think Tokyo Police Club will probably be the biggest surprise if only because SP already has a really strong fanbase that won’t be surprised by a blowout performance at all.

    Of course that might all just be due to the fact that I live in LA. My perspective is usually out of sink with the radar of the general populace (which I count as an advantage).

    I also just now noticed that “Silversun Pickups” carry the same initials as the other band I keep hearing them constantly compared to.