ive never known just what forever means

i recently stumbled upon the web site of sweden’s juni järvi and decided to take a listen, take a chance. his guitar playing instantly took me away to a foreign land where i didnt even have to wonder where i was going. he has that quality that makes you stop and press repeat so you may accurately understand where all the lil dark extra sounds are coming from. haunting vocals, barely there organs, symphonies of strings and sad trumpets casually go off easily until that subtle melodic acoustic guitar picking comes back around, simply in a circle again and you remember, that feeling. it may pull a lil on yr heart strings. it may take a few tries but its ok, in the end.. you’ll know juni järvi is truly worth it.

i can’t save you now
not this time
i dont know how

~*~ listen to: ive never known

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  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say that I love your
    blog and I always find myself reading it throughout the day. Thank you!