Jack Garratt :: Worry

Jeremy Mann

The first time I heard this song Worry by Jack Garratt. I was driving alone in my car not completely listening, and thinking… until the way his voice came in as I had known it all along. Then of course it was time to press repeat to hear the tone of the way he sang certain phrases which pierced and mirrored what heartbreak truly feels like. All of the emotions from highs to lows, wanting to be close and wanting to run away. Jack Garratt’s Worry proves that it isn’t easy ending a relationship. With true strength and confidence, the greatest part is the chorus which showcases the classic response back to the ex in the most sarcastic but nicest way… goodbye.

pick apart the pieces you left

and don’t you worry about it 

don’t you worry about it

try and give yourself some rest

and let me worry about it 

let me worry about it

From London, Jack Garratt is a mastermind live and in studio playing multi instruments. He experiments with the sounds of distorted electro through a laptop, blues from the sounds of his electric and acoustic guitar, soulful melodies and folk infused hip hop beats. Enjoy!

Artwork by Jeremy Mann