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Jai Paul is one of those artists where his music blends so perfectly to the tone of his voice, and his addictive selection of samples and beats. A few months ago, a secret collection of Jai Paul’s rough demos were passed around the internet. The “album” was thought of to be his full-length debut but after much speculation from excited bloggers and scattered fans all around the world, it was confirmed by the London label XL Recordings that it was only an assortment of Jai Paul’s unfinished work. Still there is no date of when the official debut will be finally released but one thing is for certain when it arrives, Jai Paul will be a huge deal. For now, please enjoy the tracks below and be sure to research the hype machine for more.


can i make you fall in love
can i make you fall in love with me
we’ll see

Listen: Jai Paul – Zion Wolf

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  1. Candy Minx

    Hi Musicisart!,,

    It’s been too long since I sopped by and listened and said hello…I’ve been a bad blogger but getting back into it!