i am in love with you

from montpelier, france, emilie simon is an award-winning composer of the soundtrack “la marche de l’empereur” (march of the penguins). referred to as the french bjork and sharing musical similarities of mum, emilie sings eloquently in french and english, experimenting with different instruments, blending raw live orchestrations with distinct electronica. critically acclaimed all over france, the rest of europe and japan, her us debut *the flower book* gathers old original recordings that delicately highlight her creativity.alicia [vegetal 2006]

desert [thievery corporation remix] [12″ single 2006]

images. emilie simon

5 Responses

  1. Jo

    I love emilie simon.. and the song Ice Girl and The Frozen World I like very much…

  2. Anonymous

    j’écris en français depuis marseille, votre blog est très beau artistique, moi aussi je suis étonné par Emilie Simon je l’ai vue une fois sur scene elle est très douée.

  3. Anonymous

    Gosh, this is fantastic. Thanks so much for yet another great post and recommendation! Let me know if you’d be interested in her Black Session (as well as Mazzy’s), if you don’t have it already. Keep up the good work.