Jeremy Hills Remixes Coldplay + Radiohead


Sent with love from Paris,

Producer Jeremy Hills recently emailed me these remixes that he created of

Stephane PompougnacColdplay, and Radiohead.


The first one that struck me was his end of the world remix of “Everything In It’s Right Place.” I’m very particular with any covers or reworkings in general, and especially of Radiohead. However Jeremy Hills took the meaning of their title into the beat of this classic, and sped up the tempo until you can’t help but feel it and smile.

In Jeremy Hills own words,

here’s a little background behind some of his other works.


“Last night was inspiring to me and my friends. We ended up doing this remix between two (LoL) games. Something has happened in re-listening, the original now feels like a stem of the project. Enjoy chilling on this one :)”


“Summer coming, barbecues are back and so on. Good occasion to feel happy and light around a piano with some drinks and bitches! Stephane Pompougnac, the king of chill from Hotel Costes, just let our second collaboration of a remix that can be heard now on his soundcloud.”