journey to the center of the earth

it seems just right to be listening to eliot lipp during a season like the fall. the way daylight so quickly changes into night, watching the colors of dead leaves blend into one another, tasting the slight bitterness of cold wind on yr tongue. for many, autumn is considered a season of change and for myself, its my own private magic time.

originally from tacoma to los angeles to brooklyn.. eliot lipp makes lo-fi ambience full of electronic hip-hop carefully layered with 1970s sampled funk rhythms and raw, fragile synth riffs. theres so much thought gathered into these fresh beats as it seems almost too personal when the song completes. its amazing to find so much hidden inside unspoken silence and peculiar melody that makes a listener keep repeating until the longevity of the meaning is found. however, theres no direct destination or answer to be sought in eliot’s music, only the idea to get truly lost in the sound.

nuetral [leo 123 remix] *** highly recommended

rap tight [from immediate action #10 2005]

eye sore [from the days digital ep 2006]

glasspipe [from tacoma mockingbird 2006]

art from eliot’s days ep

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