just go just go just go get lost.

as ive said before and now ill say it again, blonde redhead‘s 1997 album *fake can just be as good* is one of those special albums that deserve repeated secret listening sessions. to only prove my point further, here’s a stellar live performance that’s been chaotically inside my headphones. theres these lil boosts of intense magical energy that they send through my veins, especially inbetween time signatures in a song like bipolar. [for example, 2:13 – 2:50]

my suggestion is to get inside a car, bus or train, go for a nice scenic fall road trip and let the music enrage, inspire and fuel you.

blonde redhead // live 07.21.99
toy tiger // louisville, ky


luv machine



futurism vs. passeism part 2



symphony of treble

i am there while you choke on me


photo by josh rothstein

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