Kaytranada :: Leave Me Alone


Montreal electronic producer Kevin Celestin, aka Kaytranada, has been DJing since the age of 14. He was recently signed to the XL label and the latest single from his forthcoming debut EP ‘So Bad’ is called Leave Me Alone featuring vocals from Shay Lia. Known for his love of taking pop and R&B melodies and turning them into relaxed feel good dance jams influenced by waves of house music and heavy bass, Kaytranada showcases that his production game is ahead of the hyped curve.


KAYTRANADA :: Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)

Can’t deny or lie
Boy you blew my mind
But I’m tired of my heart being broken
And my love being taken for granted
I gave you all I had
So crazy
How you wasted my time
How you reached that borderline

Leave Me Alone, go away, Leave Me Alone


Azealia Banks – Atm Jam Featuring Pharrell (Kaytranada Edition)

This was my first and most memorable introduction to the reworking of Kaytranada. Warning: This will make you want to dance 😉


[Photograph: Friedhof Ohlsdorf Cemetery in the quarter Ohlsdorf of the city of Hamburg, Germany, is the biggest rural cemetery in the world]