keep on keep on keep on crying

sam taylor-wood‘s amazing photographs include the intimate crying men series that confronts twenty-seven male actors in private moments of sadness and reflection. sam presents her first solo exhibition in australia as part of the MCA’s autumn 2006 season.

these are the days
driving in the rain
quietly listening to
teardrop by
massive attack

getting lost
in new flowers
of soft pastel colors
reborn again

listen to covers of teardrop:
josé gonzález, elbow [thanks to chromewaves] . .

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    […] Sam Taylor-Wood sharing the true emotion and vulnerability of what it looks like when men cry.  Music is Art posted a few photos of this series back when it started in 2006 but over the years, this beautiful project has grown and developed into an artistic event. Many may […]

  2. Matt

    Ummm, I’m late to the party. Any chance of getting “Teardrop” reposted? I just heard a clip of it in an anti-war animation and just have to have it.

  3. popart

    yo, like hot d00ds being cute w/ babies this is waaaaaay bizarrely too much of a turn on for something not even like sexual? omg instead of spring fiebre have the bio clock. saw baby lamb being born few weekends ago, ultimate farm exp. for moi the nyc chica & omg now all i want is my own! just glad i’m 2 years in the clear so never have to face TEEN mom stigma! but why am i telling you this? raaandom!