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lisa papineau I guess I was feeling the need to be a stranger somewhere; to be, unaccustomed. Here in Paris, I’m constantly learning on my feet, and it’s more than just about taking in a new language, or eating some unfamiliar cheeses. I’m a painfully shy person, and was finding it easier and easier to hermit away in the states, to retreat from any kind of social contact. In Paris, I have no choice but to interact. I can dream about the day it’s just me and my dog in the little cabin somewhere way off, but I don’t want to regret not first trying my hand at a few things, and face some problems too. interview from everywomon

it wasn’t until the crow 2 soundtrack city of angels that i first heard lisa papineau‘s soft whisper jumping into full-throttle screaming against throbbing drums and loud rough electric guitar. the way her voice shattered felt so emotional, i almost wanted to dig myself underground and never come back up for air.signed to tori amos’ label igloo, pet was the name of her first project and lil boots was the song that nearly sent me over the edge.

you never kissed these girlfriend lips
years ago, pet broke up later developing into the wonderful band big sir. the elegance of that stunning voice has also been found in the backing vocals of m83 and air. theres a new record with big sir coming in november 2006 and lisa has just recently released her solo album titled *night moves*. all the different ways she’s able to experiment with sounds and making her own harmonies is so captivating.

listen to:: out to you, shucking.. jiving

lisa’s life story of growing up revolves around her being introverted and drawn to the beauty of art. never speaking to anyone, being true to herself and fighting the intensity of stage fright, she performed in operas and plays, made respected film & media projects and behind closed doors created everything musically inside of her out that secretly shared in just how amazing she really is…

p.s. enjoy more of pet at motel de moka and lisa at skatterbrain.

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  1. mjrc

    you know, it took me a while to get into “shucking, jiving.” i think it was the distorted vocals in the beginning that put me off. but now, i love it–never get enough, never give it up . . .