Kiiara :: All the.. Feels


Kiiara is a twenty year old genius hailing from a small town in Illinois.  By spending her days working at her local hardware store, she started creating her musical dreams in her bedroom. For the last two years, she released a few singles including the somber beauty of “Feels” and the ruggedness of “Gold” that represented an addictive quality that left us all wanting more. In keeping our listening appetites wet in anticipation for her debut EP Meet Me In The Cornfield, she has taken another step into the R&B realm where pop collides with help from producer Felix Snow on the new single “Say Anymore”.



Kiiara :: Say Anymore

From the nightclub to the bedroom floor / I’ve never felt quite like this before / It’s your eyes that I really adore / If I say anymore, I might just fall in


Kiiara :: Feels

I got way too many feels / Way too much emotion / I don’t even know what’s real / I just say fuck it / Keep on going


Kiiara :: Gold (Hippie Sabotage)

And if you love me, love me / But you never let me go / When the roof was on fire / You never let me know / Say you’re sorry honey / But you never really show