Lapsley :: Falling Short


XL Recordings, home to the xx and Adele, recently signed eighteen year old Holly Fletcher A.K.A. Låpsley. She has been featured here on musicisart in the past as a favorite because the true intimacy of her songwriting showcases a woman wise beyond her years.  Her debut upcoming Understudy EP is set for release on January 5th of 2015. The first single “Falling Short” provides a transcending feeling with beautiful lyrics sung by the clarity of Låpsley’s vocals, accompanying such delicately played piano keys. Simplicity and elegance in it’s finest.


One month till February keep on holding on
And i know its short, and i know its short.
And it’s times like these, and it’s days like these.
It’s been a long time coming but I’m falling short.
‘Cause you could save this it’s not too far to carry this.
Because you took something away from yourself
Come back to this world and take your heart off (the) higher shelf.

Listen to ‘Falling Short’ below: