laugh all the time try to get high

scream yr crazy
lost and found

my prayer to you is that you do all the things you set out to do

live yr life the way you


listen to:

cat power *
psychic hearts

thurston moore *
psychic hearts

*** bushwick is beautiful mentioned a great band called the psychic hearts who named themselves after the thurston original. please go and listen.

last year thurston moore released the book “mix tape : the art of cassette culture” that shows the intense relationships behind making a perfect mix. over 45 various special artists from across the world shared different private mixes remembering specific musical moments in their lives.

“basically the book was me just sort of filling in my email address book,

and asking everybody: do you still have any mix tapes around?”

the beauty of sharing apart of yr world with a music listener is knowing that they may truly enjoy something that you love. the art of a mix is made in each way the last few seconds of a song segues into the next, where choices of artists are included or excluded, hidden feelings exist and unspoken silence underlines.

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