lets spend an evil night together

originally from new york now living in san francisco, jill tracy has always been allured to the dark side. as a young child, she was deeply influenced by horror movie scores & film noir. taking history with her and mixing cabaret charm with evil seduction, today jill is known for her elegant organ playing, sophisticated voice and haunted story-telling stage performances. currently working on her 4th album expected to be released in early 2007, her gothic fanbase distinctly keeps growing all over the world.

the fine art of poisoning

pulling your insides out

[from diabolical streak 1999]

3 Responses

  1. Bushwick is Beautiful

    liked the 1st one, ill check out the 2nd track tonight 🙂 this will be intense tonight at 3am

  2. angeles

    beautifully glamourous artist, thanks for sharing

    exquisite lists as ever