angie mason solo art show

angie mason
july 13, 2007
strychnin art gallery :: germany

“All of us face many negative forces in life which seem to linger on us like fungal growths constantly emitting spores attaching themselves to our well being and dragging us down as we battle against time which will devour all of us in the end.

It’s a universal truth that we all battle violence and negativity in our lives at times, its part of the life cycle of a slow or fast decomposition depending on how well you can fight this war to live. These Life Sore Spores that pollute our minds and infect our bodies are in a constant battle against our positive energy. Those heart worm menaces and parasitic rot seeping under our skin dividing again and again creating new problems forcing us to battle against them constantly as growths rise up. They are the sickness, sadness and ugliness we face in life.  This is the human war we all battle against in life, attacked at every waking and sleeping moment of our existence; we are all soldiers battling these demons that thrive on our demise.

Life sore spores are the toxic mind molecules that can spread within us taking control of our lives and destroy us. Presented here are my reflections on those nagging aching parts in life that can eat away at our core and how one copes with such pressures. How does one maintain beauty and grace during such chaotic brain game times? Do we allow for colony collapse or do we keep fighting, standing strong and proud? This body of work is an emotional examination, retaliation and reaction to the turmoil that is caused by the Life Sore Spores.”

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