LSTN Headphones Review


Today most headphones are encased in plastic and metal, however Californians Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton of LA company LSTN Headphones believe that those materials simply don’t support the quality of sound. Together they have designed a line of wood-encased vintage-inspired audio headphones that offer the perfect set of acoustic tones for the true audiophile. By up-cycling pieces from old floors and furniture, they have re-shined and repurposed real wood into their products.

LSTN Headphones are aesthetically beautiful not just in design, but in sound too. The wood feature allows for the performance of the headphones to deliver with intense sub-bass content, rich low-frequency presence, crisp and clear vocals, sculpted high-mids, medium subwoofer-ranges, and natural, acoustic instrumentals. The quality that comes through LSTN Headphones meets the match of Pioneer and Sennheiser’s similarly priced models, and outnumbers overpriced rivals by Bose or BeatsbyDre. The company also gives back a portion of their profits from every pair of headphones sold to people in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation and has kindly helped over 17,000 people hear for the first time all around the world!

LSTN Headphones have three models to choose from including: the Bowery Earbuds ($50), the plush Fillmores ($100), and the stunning Troubadours ($150) below. Each set has dual connections for each ear, made with durable nylon wrapped cables designed with an in-line microphone and remote control.