look at the cover.

don’t give me your word
yes.. silence speaks louder
c’mon, give me a word

although i wouldn’t necessarily name beth orton as one of my favorites, through the tone of her voice, is a very sincere subtlety that i understand. her songwriting is quite striking and simply, she’s good. although it can be easy to hold her in a high regard due to previous releases *daybreaker* & *central reservation*, it can be very hard to give into a new release. however, sure enough, little by little, these songs begin to get under your skin. the overall tone is darker than before and a bit monochromatic… but it works.

[p.s. the only thing.. i’m a lil afraid of the video for the single *conceived*. maybe its just that ive never been a fan of fraggle rock or muppets in general. sorry. good song, weird video.]

songs: heartland truckstop, comfort of strangers


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