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North Carolina-based poet, musician, and producer L’Orange constructs old school beats and brilliant samples straight from the vinyl to create a vintage sound and jazzy feel within his musical projects. With a true love for Billie Holliday, film noir aspects, nostalgic instrumentals, and collaborations with the likes of hip hop’s Blu, Jeremiah Jae, Billy Woods, and Homeboy Sandman, L’Orange portrays an essence of elegance, class, and skill inside his endeavors. Along with much of his previous work, L’Orange takes great pride in combining the perfect visual accompaniment to not only the album cover artwork but also the imagery and time designed throughout his music videos. After recently signing on with Mello Music Group, L’Orange will be officially releasing his new album “The Orchid Days” on April 8, 2014 digitally, and April 15, 2014 physically. Listen below:

“I fall into my concepts deeply. Normally they’re a reflection of my experiences and normally those experiences are internal. I wanted to move my concept out of my own head, although I think I ended up doing the opposite. The album is a love story set during the end of the world. Not the apocalypse. Just the ending.” [Interview]


Need You is the first single from the upcoming album, “The Orchid Days” by L’Orange.

“A man fell in love. Then, the world was destroyed by an ever growing nothing in the sky.”

Produced by L’Orange | Vocals by Blu
Art by Matthew Andres | Graphic Design by Sarah Mattmiller
Executive Produced by Michael Tolle | Copyright Mello Music Group 2014


L’Orange’s new music video The End from “The Orchid Days” featuring Billy Woods.



Alone is the first single from L’Orange’s debut LP “The Mad Writer” released November 20, 2012.

Produced by L’Orange | Vocals by Blu
Album Art by Matthew Andres for Work The Angle
Additional Graphic Design by Jamie Williams

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