lost in the sound.

from oxford mississippi, colour revolt are a sonic five piece dispersing frantic energy and silent to suddenly urgent melancholy. together they created their debut EP during the devastation of hurricane katrina. with help from engineer clay jones who helped special acts like modest mouse, at times its easy to intensely feel how spiritual, fragile, and chaotic the recording process must have been for them.

the other day my friend introduced me to this band as he was lucky enough to catch their performance live a few weeks ago. this song mattresses underwater was something that i immediately enjoyed. theres a special weak spot i have for the way these words are meaningfully spoken.

there are places / some of us can’t face yet / and even though we see it / we just swear god’s sleeping / so we say, “ash to ash, dust to dust, we’re all gonna die so we have to trust in something ” / but it’s probably nothing / there’s gotta be something / now we mean it in our homes where we’re sleeping / we call it mattresses underwater but the gutters are seeping / so we say, “ask and ask and we’ll return the same favors till its our own turn” / we got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn, another forty years for you and yours to learn / love was made like a ship at bay, never to see waves / we’ll probably all crash any way / when we see it we don’t believe it / we’ve got our faces made for smiling, but we are weeping / we got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn / another forty years for you and yours to learn / you say, “all you ever talk about is dying and it’s getting so old / and we say, “love was made like a book or a page just ripped out but we never read anyway” / and you say love was made like a ship at bay never to see waves / we should probably get used to it, but we don’t / now i see it… now i see it / she’s got her hands in her pockets and she’s walking around she’s got a face made for smiling but she’s making a frown / she says, “all you ever talk about’s letting us down / if you ever see me dying, just put me in the ground”

3 Responses

  1. mjrc

    oh, this is one of my favorite songs right now. i love the way it starts all mellow and then by the end the desperation is palpable. the words are killer, too, and the fact that there’s no real resolution is so honest. it’s perfect in its acknowledge of how imperfect everything is.