A brand new music community called Loudcrowd has been created for those who wish to engage themselves in music and explore their own ideas through the use of online music games.  Made especially for people who are interested in all aspects of djing, dancing, performing and rocking out, Loudcrowd lets users play freely together within a streaming library of indie rock, dance and electro artists.

Reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, Loudcrowd is a flash-based website with a shared soundtrack, where registered users create social networking profiles and customized cartoonish male and female avatars that play music-related games to eventually win over the djing influence of dictating what they want and wish for other members  and visitors to hear.

Aimed at teenage and twenty-something music fans, Loudcrowd opens up the world of new music and consistently features groundbreaking groups through the site like Friendly Fires, Justice, Phoenix, Santigold, and The Twelves.  It’s the main goal of the games to discover, engage and intensely listen to constantly wonderful sounds, and possibly makes a consumer end up wanting to buy the artists’ albums through the great use of Itunes or Amazon.  All in all, Loudcrowd is not only resourceful for the listener but lucrative for also the musicians as well as the record labels involved.