love me til my heart stops

one of my favorite talking heads songs
im immediately taken away to a beautiful island
staring at the ocean with a margarita in hand
how can you not be happy?
meet me in costa rica.

~*~ listen to these covers:
arcade fire ~ this must be the place
counting crows ~ this must be the place

the less we say about it the better
make it up as we go along
feet on the ground
head in the sky
its ok
i know nothing’s wrong
.. nothing ..

3 Responses

  1. boyhowdy

    Shawn Colvin does a GREAT slow acoustic cover of this one, too. Esp. sweet w/ the female vocal.

    Ain’t nothing like the original, tho. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Keoki

    This Heads tune is IMHO their best and for a little while I was ending everyone of my mixed CDs with it.