love & misery.

recently i was sent some music from sweden’s tobias froberg‘s 2nd album *somewhere in the city* and decided to take a listen. i was taken back at first… as i truly enjoyed one of the songs — love & misery — this doesnt always happen very often. his collaboration with ane brun is one of the prettiest and most painful tracks ive heard all summer long. the way her voice mixes with his, its truly magical.

this is true i am fragile just like you
you and me, we are love & misery

through simple acoustic guitar patterns, tobias produces a similar sensitivity throughout the entire rest of his music. its almost like secretly reading an old dark journal that is so sad, it becomes beautiful. the new release *somewhere in the city* will be available in the usa thru cheap lullaby and in the UK on poptones.

in 2005, tobias froberg’s debut *for elizabeth wherever she is* won sweden’s singer-songwriter album of the year. his good friend, jose gonzalez won the year before.

she doesnt want to save the world
she just wants to be remembered
[from for elizabeth wherever she is]

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  1. Bushwick is Beautiful

    Good find. This guy and Jose Gonzalez are dope smoking pals. Wouldn’t you like to sit in on those sessions.