i can’t love you in the dark


Sombear is Minneapolis electro-pop artist Brad Hale. This summer Sombear released his personal debut album, Love You In The Dark, via his mentor Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla’s own Trans-Records. The title track, “Love You In The Dark,” offers background layers of solid electronic beating over pulsating drum machines, emotionally cold and playful lyrics, and flourishes of certain elements that gently create a refreshingly abstract experience. Enjoy below:

“I have a hard time being confident and sharing my music with the world. Part of it probably stems from middle and high school where I felt like I had to hide from people all day long to avoid anything embarrassing. This whole process has kind of been a personal test. I needed to figure out if I could actually make a record. These songs were meant to kick me in the ass.” Brad Hale of Sombear