love’s crushing diamond…


mutual benefit is the delicate musical work of songwriter, jordan lee. over the past years, lee spent his nights wandering into basement shows and staying on strangers sofas throughout the cities of boston, austin, and columbus performing for small groups of listeners and rediscovering his own self in the process. although special underground tapes of his were shared over the past few years, mutual beneift recently created a debut full length album called love’s crushing diamond that is sure to create a new following. softly covered in lo-fi layers of an ethereal quality, mutual benefit provides sincere harmonies against violins, bass, electronic guitar, keyboard synths, and hand drums. for fans that enjoy fleet foxes, sufjan stevens, and beautiful indie music in general, this is perfect music to close your eyes and get lost to.


artwork by ruben pang

2 Responses

  1. Ben Marcus

    Oooh, this is real nice. Definitely good for closed eyes and relaxing (won’t be going on my party mix!). The violins really make it. Love the artwork too. I’ll definitely be following this guy.

    Thanks for sharing!