lykke li vs kings of leon

lykke li

Lykke Li magically covers and verses together with Kings of Leon‘s single Knocked Up.  Both vocals additively cascade and strengthen throughout the song, eerily creating a memorable duet that’s immersed in lyrics of chaotic masculinity, and melodic shades of pure uninhibited feminine vulnerability.

Taking all I have to take, This takings gonna shape me
People call us renegade ’cause we like living crazy
We like taking on the town, Some people getting lazy

Knocked Up (Rodeo Remix)

5 Responses

  1. musicisart

    thanks, so glad you enjoyed this lil mash-up. after hearing it once, it took me a bit to find the correct version of it as there’s nothing quite like their sound combined opposed to the original.

  2. michele tabat

    After hearing it on Sirius 26, it took me over an hour to find the song which is much longer than I spend to find anything. It was THAT good!