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Jai Paul is a British electronic powerhouse that makes rare, secret demo songs. In total there are only two Jai Paul singles “BTSTU” from 2010 and the latest discovered this year “Jasmine”, that have been floating around the internet. Jai Paul was signed to XL Recordings, and entertainers of the likes of Drake and Beyonce recently sampled his work. Like a true artist, Jai Paul has gone into hiding to protect his genius ways in hopes of creating the best work of 2013. His fans are in true anticipation for a masterpiece debut album of every raw demo he has ever created. For now… please enjoy these amazing samples of the intriguing mysteriousness that is Jai Paul.


Jai Paul – BTSTU
Jai Paul – Jasmine (demo)

Artwork by Tim Biskup

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  1. Musicisart

    Hi Rose. Glad you enjoyed the artwork, it is by artist Tim Biskup. At the bottom of the post, you will see the link to his official website. Enjoy!

  2. Rosigerante

    Dear Danielle:

    could you please tell me where the image that illustrates this entry came from? i’ve found it spectacular! who drew it, when, where, what?!

    thanks a lot!
    best regards.