making you wait

on tricky‘s album blowback [2000], he pairs himself with the likings of anthony keidis and flea of the red hot chili peppers, ed kowalcyzk of live, alanis morissette and even cyndi lauper. that’s one of the pleasures of being a beat mastermind, you can imagine absolutely anyone’s vocal techniques to your music and make it happen. flowing on the waves of punk rock mixed within soulful background vocals and guitar chatterings, tricky grew from his pure trip hop roots to share a part that has never been seen before.

in the hot summer of 2000 seeing tricky perform with a full band feeling the songs of his album blowback vividly live in front of me put all his music on a completely different level. whether it was right or wrong, it felt hard to deny the intense attraction and mystery to each vampire melody. warm from the sun still on a high from seeing the show, there would be days of driving with friends upon lost roads in the woods of new hampshire laughing and staring at everything that went along to this soundtrack. drifting through the calmness of new england air, the surprise of sudden curves in emerald tree-lined roads… listening over and over again to the sensual duet between tricky and cyndi lauper, the way their different patterns came together almost made absolutely every detail fall into weird perfect sense. it still does.

dont stop
yr gonna break my heart