malediction & prayer

to briefly describe a first reaction to diamanda galas is to feel yr body jerk and moan, then understand a hypnotic possession coming over. tangled in her dark web of multi-octave vocal ranges cascading behind classical piano portrays feelings of raw passion and horror. she shares an emotion that invokes such an uneasiness that many have been afraid to listen due to her strong ethics believing in the most honest questioning of why the world is as corrupt as it is. understanding tragedy, the worst of grief and pain absolutely imagined, theres no fear in diamanda galas; only an amazing influential power that reminds her fans of why they keep on even going.

gloomy sunday

sadly one sunday
i waited and waited
with flowers in my arms
all the dream has created
i waited till dreams,
like my heart, were all broken
the flowers were all dead
and the words were unspoken
the grief that i know
was beyond all consoling
the beat of my heart
was a bell that was tolling
saddest of sundays

then came a sunday
when you came to find me
they bore me to church
and i left you behind me
my eyes could not see
what i wanted to love me
the earth and the flowers
are forever above me
the bell tolled for me
and the wind whispered ”never!”
but you i have loved
and i’ll bless you forever
last of all sundays

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