massive attack :: bayfront park :: miami

to be able to witness massive attack live october 26, 2010 at the bayfront ampitheater in miami, florida was amazing.  growing up in the early nineties, massive attack were the base of where my triphop music education began along with tricky featuring martina topley bird’s poetic voice soaring through my mind and the beauty of portishead’s hypotic beats and lovely, sullen vocals by beth gibbons. to understand this music during the early nineties and discover yourself made life very powerful, and to see massive attack live last week featuring the feminine vocals of martina topley bird was enough to make everything sound just as it should be — perfect.

driving easily into downtown miami, being surrounded by the lights of the city, and biscayne bay next door created an energy to engage the humid warmth of the chilled out music and versatile crowd. as soon as the lights went off and the sound came on for bristol, england’s massive attack, everyone recognized they were in for quiet sensuality blending into explosions of sexuality in it’s finest. throughout the show in the lights, the band chose to visually capture the audience’s questioning mind by showcasing moving words of factual information about our world, our war and ..even miami’s local news.

for one hour and a half, it was easy to fall under their spell. my favorite part was witnessing massive attack showcase the intensity of their songs *mezzanine* segueing into *angel*. martina topley bird graced us with vocals on a few songs including the beloved teardrop, where the band broke it down a bit with acoustics, making it sound almost new again, yet still beautiful. seamlessly, the audience was transported back in time to enjoy the beauty of what was a wonderful experience.

enjoy massive attack live in miami with *inertia creeps*::


stay tuned for an interview on music is art with martina topley bird!