maybe theres a light thats always on

life is something set to music
i can hear it when im sad

theres a power
when yr near me
in our heads, in our bones
i know nothing but im guessing
when we die
we’re not alone

when i was young, i began dreaming my days away, closing my eyes with headphones and falling into my own private world. thousands of scattered cds laid next to me and i never stopped listening, music was the only place to comfortably rely upon. growing up, one of my favorite albums was *siren* by heather nova.
there was a certain directness in the way her voice lingered to every soft melody that made everything feel so safe inside my fantasy land. listening to the sounds of ms. nova years later, her beautiful haunting familiar songs immediatley take me back.

One Response

  1. DouglasLong

    You caught me off guard with this one. I am a big sampler of everything I don’t know, but I take everything with a bit of salt. These tracks made me stop everything else I was doing and go looking for details about the artist. Maybe it wears off, but I like what I’m hearing right now.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I like your writing and your site looks great!