.mazzy star :: black sessions.

theres a ship
that sails by my window
there’s a ship that sails on by
there’s a world under it
i think i see it
sailing away

mazzy star
session noires // 10.23.1993mary of silence
ghost highway
she hangs brightly
bells ring
blue light
ride it on
into dust
give you my lovin’
blue flower
tonight that i might see
hair and skin
rock section

+++ by special request for matt
and thankyou to uberdrivel

15 Responses

  1. My Name is Earl

    It’s been 5 years since Fade into you…What happened? The pace the sedate nature of the music reminds me of what happens to people like Whitney Houston get in the grip of drugs. Hope also did a cover for a song: Heroin & a former drug addict who wants to become a singer…Hmmm Before I got a divorce I used to like Beck’s album, Seachange. Then I realize: I was depressed. Fade into you is depressing. I hear Mazzy Star group broke up too… Hmmmm No new band? I doubt you will post this…because you want positive “I love you” on a dark image site… (Her image is always black & white or denim-washed) My name is Earl & I’m sticking to that story. (I like the art….Just wonder about all the pieces) If you can tell me without attacking me, I’d like to know…

  2. Matt

    wow thank you. I had actually forgotten how much I love Mazzy Star. So, yeah, thank you.

  3. Cristóbal

    what can I say ??
    thanks a lot dude
    u rock
    what an amazing concert at the great Paris Black Sessions radio show…
    i really liked it a lot
    thanks for puting live material from this lovely band (though i lost the live at metro, concert 🙁
    ] but anyway thank u a lott 😀

  4. rachel

    if it’s possible, could you please re-upload Reverie Sound Revue’s rip the universe? i downloaded it a while back, but found that the song cuts off half-way through at 3:49!


  5. Moka

    This and the emilie simone black sessions are amazing mia. thanks for discovering and sharing to us.

  6. Bushwick is Beautiful

    She hangs brightly shows that Hope and Jim Morrison are connected through some mystical universe.
    The bands are as well, seriously that track makes me think I’m listening to the doors at the Whisky A Go Go circa 1967.