melancholy never sounded so good.

there are days when all i can remember is the feeling of listening to music with friends. that intimacy that you share. its so special. warm warm warm warmth.

ill never forget a cold spring day sitting in the car with the heat turned on high and the windows open dreaming inside a parking lot staring out at this beautiful lake. it was such a grey day.. the skeleton trees were beginning to grow their leaves and the sun was shining upon the water just enough to make everything glow.

my friend musicman put on the dreamy album hope and adams by local boston band WHEAT.

looking at the cover art and translucent booklet that shared the pages of words, listening to their rich, sad, golden textured sounds endlessly yearning over echoey organs and colorful reverbed guitars and strings; i fell into the tranquil soft shades of sheer ivory and apple green. the music played as we closed our eyes and the sound formed our scenery into an abstract painting. it was perfect, such a peacefulness came over us.

at the right times, this album would be something that could recreate that moment over and over. you couldn’t help but feel it again and you couldn’t help but smile.

don’t i love you
like you want to be loved
yr running away.