Mikky Ekko – Time


Back in late 2012, Rihanna‘s collaboration with pop singer/songwriter Mikky Ekko on the song “Stay” was hard to ignore. Along with the depth of stunning vocals and harmony, the written quality of Stay gave an elegance that allured artists and fans alike from all styles of tastes of music to easily fall in love with it.



After sharing only a few songs of his work over the years, Mikky Ekko released his debut album “Time” this past January. Leading into the pack of the best albums of 2015, his music provides a familiar and warm tone that strengthens within each listen. As the album progresses throughout each well-produced track, different tones, phrasing, and moods begin to play out like an unforgettable story. With intriguing lyrics and unadulterated emotion, Mikky Ekko shows that he is trying to understand love, and has the maturity to thoughtfully share his own vulnerability throughout his work.


Mikky Ekko’s latest single U featuring Blood Diamonds is addictive in every way.

Show me, what it means to take it slowly
Friendship into love takes growing


A favorite song from before Pull Me Down is also featured on Mikky Ekko’s new album, Time. The original is beautiful but Ryan Hemsworth‘s remix takes it to another level.


(Owl artwork by Jeff Soto)