Mind over matter is magic.

Artwork by Yung Chen

Two different musicians combine the same emotion.  


LISTEN TO Frank Ocean – White Ferrari (Alex Metric Edit)

On Frank Ocean‘s song “White Ferrari” an overwhelming sense of longing for lost love and missed opportunities is heard. There is a truth found within that makes the nostalgia of looking back inside memories disheartening. Gathering from the lyrics and the way Frank Ocean’s voice echoes into the sound reminds of the process towards patience to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of the tiny details.


“Mind over matter is magic. 

I do magic.”

Producer Alex Metric re-edits White Ferrari into an electronic whirlwind of beauty.


LISTEN TO Sigur Rós – Heysátan (Amtrac Dub)

Although the Icelandic name may sound devious, Heysátan means Haystack in English. Sigur Rós said in an interview that the meaning of this song was a story of an old farmer looking contentedly out over his fields and land, knowing he’s going to die soon but accepts it’s inevitability and has no fear or regret.


Now take that scenic pasture of a life well lived set to a glorious moment of tranquillity, and add in a dubstep remix by Amtrac.

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