move through the movement…

Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke has released his side project Atoms for Peace‘s debut album Amok, with his supergroup of collaborators including Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea, Beck’s drummer Joey Waronker, David Byrne’s Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco, and beloved producer Nigel Godrich.

“It’s important to me, I think, for things to be moving just a little bit faster than I can remember quite how I’m getting there. If I know about every note as it’s happening it can kind of grind to a halt. Which can be good, but it’s a different way of doing things. That’s very much how Radiohead is: very, very methodical. I’m much less methodical with my solo work. By nature I’m very sketchy. Apparently I’m a doodler.. and very occasionally the doodles will amount to something.” – Thom Yorke

Atoms for Peace collectively created a perfect blend of what you’d come to find from past Radiohead albums and a continuation of electronic nostalgia reminiscent of Thom Yorke’s predecessor The Eraser. However, there is still a feeling that lingers of something newly uncovered in Atoms for Peace, like a hidden secret in between the segue of everything Thom Yorke has ever created. With all that we have heard before, Atoms for Peace contains these missing but critical fragments, and what stays true is that weary voice echoing through all the little sounds that make anything that Thom Yorke touches, turn into gold.

Listen: Atoms for Peace – Default (Amok, 2013)



The intense album artwork conveys the state of our world, and is created by the famous Stanley Donwood who has collaborated on all of Radiohead’s and The Eraser’s previous covers.

You know like the back of your hand
Who let ‘em in?
You got me into this mess
So you get me out
You know like the back of your hand
Your bell jar
Your collection


Artwork by Bao Pham, and Stanley Donwood