Mura Masa :: BBC Music Sound of 2016


It’s exciting to watch the underground success of 19 year old genius producer and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa. For the last two years, his EPs have floated around the internet and have entertained the ears of some of the strongest influential electronic and downtempo recording artists out there, being introduced on essential setlists of Bonobo, Sohn, and Diplo.

mura-masa cont

The way Mura Masa reworks familiar pop and r&b songs, and turns them into his own is what stands out about his creativity. Enjoy this re-edit of Childish Gambino‘s COVER of Usher‘s song ‘You Don’t Have To Call’…

But what makes things even more interesting is the way Mura Masa has progressed into his own, quickly mastering his craft of showcasing original beats and unique productions with likeminded vocalists. From his 2015 “Someday Somewhere” EP, the track ‘Firefly’ featuring the vocals of Nao quickly grew much deserved attention.



And one of his latest collaborations with the beautiful vocals of Shura was named a 2015 song of the year by many.


Recently, he was featured as #5 on the BBC MusicSound of 2016, and for the first time performed the track ‘Lovesick Fuck’ live with a full band. To be able to see this presentation of Mura Masa performing is quite something, and for for the next month, BBC will be featuring an interview, and additional BBC sessions on their site.