Mura Masa | Lovesick ASAP Rocky Four Tet Remixes


Known for his creative production skills, Mura Masa has this special ability to decorate his music in shades of hypnotic synths and trap beats with twisted samples of familiar pop songs that recreate themselves into their own story.


Mura Masa – Lovesick (Fuck)

Back in 2013, Mura Masa released the original single “Lovesick (Fuck)” from his Soundtrack to Death EP. A true standout, Mura Masa’s “Lovesick” had this energy that was quick to adapt to, and was easy to fall in love with the overall music idea behind the process. It felt different than the norm, it stood out, and it’s addictive quality was simply infectious.

S A M P L E 

The direct origin of that catchy drum sample is from Caleborate’s Get the Green. Starting in at 23 seconds and different times throughout the song, it is easy to see why Mura Masa chose this sample as a favorite.

Caleborate – Get The Green

C O L L A B 

Mura Masa – Love$ick featuring ASAP Rocky

A few years later rapper ASAP Rocky heard Lovesick. ASAP Rocky immediately knew he needed to collaborate with Mura Masa and added his own hip hop spin of bars that lead to the re-edit of not only the track but also the title with ASAP Rocky’s designated money sign symbol.


Mura Masa – Love$ick Four Tet Remix

Four Tet is a true music mastermind, and curator of unique quality sounds. Naturally when Four Tet finds a song that he likes, he skillfully flips and reverses it into his own iconic style. When Four Tet began to remix Mura Masa and ASAP Rocky’s collaboration on Love$ick, he turned the magic into pure fire. Always pulsating with electronic beats that add a foreign flavor, Four Tet relooped the sampled phrasing to make them stand out in silence while the overall emotion become alive.

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